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PROGRAMME: Interview with Susanna Kraus

Cultarture is pleased to interview Susanna Kraus, Director of IMAGO, Berlin.

In 1970s, the invention of IMAGO Photour set a new ground for self-portrait. It is now seen as a modern luxury. It is an interactive object d’art and is regarded as the world’s largest self-portrait camera. Its size allows one to step into its body and takes a self-portrait without the participation of others. The experience is very private and intimate as one stands inside the camera and stares into a life-size mirror studying and finding the self.

IMAGO Photour is a modern luxury. Its purpose is just like what mirrors used to mean for the Renaissance men. Susanna Kraus, an artist and the creator of IMAGO Photour states :“it is not easy to face yourself in life size after 10 minutes … sometimes people need a little bit time.” IMAGO Photour is able to provide the experience of finding oneself during the process of creating a self portraiture. And it is a real modern-day luxury.

See our interview with Susanna Kraus below:

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