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PROGRAMME: #ILovePublicArt

"Art's publicness rests in the quality and impact of its exchange with audiences ... at its most public, art extends opportunities for community engagement but cannot demand particular conclusion."

- Cher Krause Knight (Public Art: theory, practice and populism, 2008). 

In January, 2016, our team has initiated a project called #ILovePublicArt to promote and raise awareness about public art in China. By doing so, we have rounded up a list of ten of our favourite public artworks from recent years. Working with volunteers from different cities in China, we have taken our poll to the heart of Chinese cities and ask the Chinese public to choose one of their favourite artworks. With our #ILovePublicArt Poll, we are able to engage with the Chinese public vis-a-vis. Many voters ask us about the location of the artworks from our poll list and they wish to see more public art in their cities. 

Our #ILovePublicArt Poll result is based on our online poll (Wechat poll) and off-line poll (Street poll). It is currently taking places mostly in Shanghai, with supporters from Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing. Our poll will last from January - September, 2016. Please see our #ILovePublicArt Poll here (


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